onwards, then

So I didn’t post very much last semester. Instead, I packed up all the books, backed up any of my personal files that were on my work computer, finally threw out all the VHS cassettes, collected all the school archive files and passed them to the historical society, and closed down the library I was working in for good.

There’d been a significant slowing of enrolments for the last few years, and 2013’s enrolments were not going to be enough to keep us going as a regular 7-12 co-educational secondary college. I’m eliding a lot of the emotions, and the stress, and the meetings (with and without people shouting), but eventually, towards the end of term 3, the Minister for Education signed off on closing us down. All the students have been enrolled in other schools in the area, and all the ongoing staff members, too. All the library’s resources have been divvied up among the schools that are getting our former students and staff – and I’m going back to university this year.

I’ve just enrolled in the University of Melbourne as a candidate for the Masters of Teaching (Secondary). I’d been thinking for some time about studying teaching – I actually enrolled in 2009 in CSU’s Bachelor of Education, but I couldn’t manage working fulltime and studying long distance. I’ve loved all the parts of my job for the past five years that involved working with students, and having my workplace close down means I don’t have to leave to go back to uni! I’m going to qualify as an English and Humanities teacher, and keep my eye out in the future for the one or two Teacher Librarian jobs that might be left. Wish me luck!


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