Melbourne Koha Users Group Meeting

I do have the traditional sorry I’ve neglected my blog post in the works – I even have an actual reason for neglecting my blog! – but today’s post is about the most recent user’s group meeting instead. Our second meeting was held last night at the Photography Studies College, thanks very much to Jill, and it was a lot of fun. We had enough new people that we had to introduce ourselves again – only about five of the people were at our first meeting! and about half the new people were people who’d heard about Koha and were thinking of using it in their own libraries. We also had, unlike the first meeting, people from both Calyx and Catalyst IT, both of whom host Koha and are far more familiar with the IT side than anyone was at the first meeting. And I remain the only self-hosted library, and the only secondary school library to attend!

We had a discussion about reporting, and building one’s own reports, and using the Koha report dictionary on the wiki. Irma from Calyx told us that the reason there are reports to do things that Koha does in the modules (like, list of holds that are available) is because Koha didn’t used to do these things! The wiki needs some cleaning up, as wikis often do.

We also had a quick discussion of using Koha for archives; the upgrade to 3.8 (new zealand english!); and one of us had visited a Koha library in Dublin, so we had a look at her photos, too. Jill took us on a quick tour of the PSC library, which is a non-lending library and very new, and then a bunch of us went to dinner together.

The notes I took are mainly regarding what I want us to do with these meetings in the future! It would, I think, be useful to have some prepared topic of discussion for each meeting. I’d like to see tutorials, for example – certainly we could have spent a lot more time talking about how to do reports, if someone knew the topic was coming and was prepared to lead a more in depth discussion. It was also suggested we could have a tutorial on how to add records to Trove, which I think would be very useful. We plan to keep meeting twice a year, and maintain the koha-oz elist, and hopefully keep getting more new people along!


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