libcampoz12: Leadership

This session mainly went in a change-management direction: not everybody is brave. How do we help people through change?
Suggestions included:

  • make it okay for things to be scary – everyone can deal with it together
  • You’ll get distracted by the people who don’t want the change; there’s other people to include.
  • Leadership isn’t the same as management. Leadership is inspiring people; managing is getting things done. Find people in different levels in your team with good people skills and good leadership to help drive change.
  • Informal learning sessions: at lunchtime or some other easy, informal time, one librarian runs small learning sessions where people with expertise are invited to come along, as well as people who want to learn: these sessions are hands-on and friendly, therefore not scary or boringly-mandatory.
  • Find people’s strengths, build on them.
  • Librarianship isn’t about what people like to do, it needs to be about what our clients need.
  • Make a culture where people know they won’t be left behind
  • The people resistant to change are often the engine room people, who do the boring jobs. Make sure everyone knows why we are changing, and what the point of it is. Make the ultimate goal clear.

One really important point was that we introduce change to library staff much less well than we do to clients. We need to look at the ways we introduce change to clients and use these ideas for staff too.


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