Don’t know what you were doing last Friday, but I’ve been unconferencing. I’ve taken some notes – not as many as I planned, of course! but I’ll blog what I have.

While the organisers were adding up the votes for the program, Hamish Curry spoke about some of the things he’d done at SLV, and urged us to:

  • Don’t worry about ignorance: just try.
  • The filter bubble (as described by Eli Pariser) can work for you as a librarian, if you manage to use filters to pull stuff to you.
  • Try and change the assumptions that people have about libraries.
  • Ask more questions.

I’ve notes for Engaging Teens Online, Leadership & Change Management, and First Time Presenting coming. Other people’s session notes, and a link to a cover-it-live session, are at the Library Camp Oz 12 blog.

So this was my first unconference. It’s really clear that the quality of an unconference depends on who is there, and who is prepared to speak up! I wasn’t surprised that as a school librarian I was definitely in the minority – after all, it was the first week of term. A lot of the emphasis was on subjects that were more relevant to university librarians; still, there’s an overlap there. Perhaps I will have to provoke a school-library-unconfererence! Some parts of the day were great, and others less so. As is always the case, I think I got as much out of the day from just talking to people as I did from actual sessions, even at an unconference! I’ve got business cards and contact details from a bunch of people who want to continue talking; and of course far more twitter followers. Should probably tweet more then!


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