ClickView is totally my favourite. If you’ve not come across it before, it’s both a system to push video files around the school via wireless (rather than borrowing a dvd from the library) and also a library of videos, half commercial and half from broadcast tv. (We, as do most schools in Australia, have a Screenrights license so that we can legally copy broadcast tv for educational purposes.) The commercial videos are part of a subscription; we add to them regularly with videos downloaded from other schools by way of the exchange. There’s about 1400 videos in the subscription and 11256 available by way of the exchange – we’ve got 1820 videos in our system right now.

Now, because I’ve been planning on upgrading from Athena since before we got ClickView, I never added the ClickView videos to the library catalog. But that does mean teachers have to look in more than one place to find things, and that’s just irritating. SCIS, bless them, have cataloged the ClickView library and grouped it together so that one can download the whole thing in one go. Two problems: what do we do with holdings data for intangible items? and: what about the ClickView exchange items, which aren’t cataloged by SCIS?

If you add marc records with no holdings data, Koha will claim that there are no items available when you search for them, and that there are no physical items available. Which is kinda true, but can also be very confusing to the user. The intangible items most libraries deal with lately are ebooks, and someone has already come across and fixed a very similar issue – and posted to the koha mailing list about it. So, using this advice,  I’ve added a line to the marc records: =952  \\$yCV$d20120101$aPSC$bPSC
where y=item type=CV for ClickView Video
d=date= I just made them all 1 jan.
a/b= location data = every item in our library has the same data as we only have the one campus.

Now, these records don’t have a barcode, but then they aren’t circulating, so I think that’s okay. In a perfect world, or possibly in March, I will figure out a way to use Clickview’s ability to create a url for each video and add that to the appropriate 856 field, so that the videos can be launched from inside the catalog. But for now, I think, this will do.

Well, except that I haven’t added the videos from the exchange yet. These, I think, I will have to catalog individually, which makes those afternoons of downloading everything that looked even a little bit interesting far less happy!


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