adding to the library

The teachers weren’t in today after all, so it’s a good thing that I haven’t worked out what I want to tell them about the new system. Today I started working on the big pile of acquisitions that I’ve amassed during the time I’ve spent on the migration.

I’ve never used a z39.50 server before! This was fun. Again it was simply a matter of following the instructions — SCIS’s instructions and the Koha manual — and it worked. so nice!

In my old workflow, I was used to producing a few pages worth of barcodes, and then assigning them to items as needed. But there’s no way I can find to print out unassigned barcodes from Koha, so that wouldn’t work anymore. There is a setting to autobarcode – I guess this is a far more usual procedure, and certainly less work. It took a little while for me to work out how to manage it, though, as — apparently — I’d managed to catalogue an item with a barcode 7 digits longer than all the others. Found that, recatalogued it with a sensible barcode, on to the next issue.

Setting up spine label printing was pretty easy – followed the instructions! — except for the point were I tried to tell it the paper was 290cm instead of 290mm. The barcodes look alright, i guess, but I’m going to make them nicer/more like the old ones when I can.

Now my problem is that I have dozens of new books to finish processing and I can’t find the good scissors.


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