importing patrons

I’ll be honest with you, once I had the .csv file template this was pretty simple. However it did take me a second go so that I actually put the right information in the right column. Then I had the chance to try it again to add in the new Year 7 students who were never in Athena.

I want to be able to link the usernames & passwords to the students other usernames & passwords – I know it’s possible, but the IT tech is asking why students need to be able to log into the opac at all. Our collection is pretty small and it isn’t used the way patrons used the public library I used to work at, or the way Koha will let you use it. But if we don’t allow the functionality then no one is going to change either!

Holidays start this week and I’m behind. I honestly thought I’d be done importing data by now, and on to customising interfaces and adding new books. We’ve a couple days at the end of January before the students arrive, but the time I’ve spent so far, failing to import data, tells me that those couple days won’t be enough. The IT tech has set it up so that I can log into my work desktop remotely, and then I can mess around with it during the holidays. Plus, apparently the school will be full of people in the last week or two of holidays, as almost everyone is moving offices. So I can come in if I need to, and get some work done.


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