“that’s brave.”

There’s a library software vendor that rings up once a year or so to check if I am prepared to spend quite a lot of money on her software instead of Athena. I told her that I was setting up to move over to Koha and she said “Wow, that’s brave.”

You know what, expensive library software vendor? If I do decide to go back to propriety software I honestly think I would be avoiding working with someone so patronising, just so you know.

Of course, when I repeated this conversation to my principal he seemed a little bit confused as to why it might be considered brave. We had a discussion about technical support, which long term feels to me like the difference between having a vendor and not, but — as is true for both of myself and the principal — our first point of call for technical support is the manual or Google anyway. The one time I’ve talked to the technical support for Athena is to introduce myself anyway.

So both me and the principal are happy with a brave decision; now to finish with this pile that needs withdrawing.


2 thoughts on ““that’s brave.”

  1. FUD .. it’s the primary tool of those who have given up innovating and sell last century’s software 🙂
    If you can’t beat em lie about them .. its the proprietary vendor way 🙂

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